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Nanotechnology - Clinical Trials Research

Curriculum Description

The Clinical Trials Certificate prepares individuals to assist with research studies in a variety of settings including medical centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, clinics, research facilities, nanotechnology and biotechnology companies, and physicians’ offices. To enroll in this certificate program the student must have already completed a science or health related degree, certification, or license.

The following represents one way in which the program of study can be completed. Students who aren’t able to follow this plan should consult their academic advisor to be sure that they take courses in the best order for their success.


POS Approved: Fall 2011

Required Courses

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
BIO 110 Principles of Biology 3 3 0 4
CHM 131 Introduction to Chemistry 3 0 0 3
CHM 131A Introduction to Chemistry Lab 0 3 0 1
CTR 115 Clin Research Regulations 3 0 0 3
CTR 120 Research Protocol Design 3 0 0 3
CTR 220 Research Site Management 3 0 0 3
  Total: 15 6 0 17

Total Credit Hours: 17

Additional Information