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Associate in General Education

Curriculum Description

The Associate in General Education (AGE) curriculum is designed for individuals wishing to broaden their education, with emphasis on personal interest, growth and development. The two-year General Education program provides students opportunities to study English, literature, fine arts, philosophy, social science, science and mathematics at the college level. Many of the courses are equivalent to college transfer courses; however, the program is not principally designed for college transfer. Courses must be at the 110-199 or 210-200 level.

Associate in General Education

NC CIP: 24.0199
Day and Evening
POS Approved: Fall 2012

General Education (15 SHC)
The associate in general education curriculum program shall include a minimum of 15 semester hours of credit from general education curriculum courses selected from the Combined Course Library, including six hours in communications, three hours in humanities/fine arts, three hours in social/behavioral sciences, and three hours in natural sciences or mathematics.  Courses must be at the 110-199 or 210-299 level

English Communications (6 SHC)
Humanities/Fine Arts (3 SHC)
Social/Behavioral Sciences (3 SHC)
Natural Sciences/Mathematics (3 SHC)

Other Required Hours (49-50 SHC)

Other major hours include additional general education and professional courses.

A maximum of 7 SHC in health, physical education, college orientation, and/or study skills may be included.  Selected topics or seminar courses may be included in a program of study up to a maximum of three semester hours credit.

Total Credit Hours: 64-65

Approved by the State Board of Community Colleges on June 1997; Editorial Revision 06/01/07; SBCC Revised 10/16/09.