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Student Life

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is composed of all current Forsyth Tech students and is served by the Student Government Council (SGC). The SGC consists of the student government officers, Alpha Mu Beta fraternity members and other SGC representatives. Participating students are people who are interested in developing leadership skills to be used in their careers in business, industry or government. Students learn to work together to accomplish a wide range of projects that have a high impact on the College and community.

Student Government Council

The Student Government Council (SGC) is intended to be a laboratory of development for motivated students. People who get involved find themselves learning, growing and doing things they never thought they could do. This is a program in which students can test their education, experiment with social and group dynamics and make positive personal changes without fear of criticism.

The SGC, with the Student Activities staff, manages the student activities budget and meets in business sessions. During the meetings, the members address student issues and plan and produce student activities such as Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Constitution Day, the Black History Month program, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, blood drives, leadership workshops and other projects. During meetings and projects, students learn and practice parliamentary procedure, group skills, teamwork, project management and gain the experience of getting things done in a large institution. Some students choose to work with the budget, practice secretarial skills or do advertising, student publications and other public information duties.

The SGC also represents the student body to the College administration. The SGC president serves on the Forsyth Technical Community College board of trustees as a nonvoting member and reports to the SGC about board activities when appropriate. The SGC also serves as a vehicle of communication to the students for the administration. Members of the SGC attend statewide conferences approximately twice a year. During the conferences, students meet student leaders from community colleges across the state. They have an opportunity to share ideas and concerns and learn leadership skills in workshops.

Alpha Mu Beta

Alpha Mu Beta (AMB) is the service fraternity of the Student Government Council (SGC). They are a high-profile group of students who spark interest in student life through campus networking, personal growth and service to the community. Applicants are selected for their high scholastic achievements and communication skills. This group is proficient in meeting people and in the organizational, time management, planning and leadership skills that will help them in their chosen fields. Applicants who are accepted into the fraternity discover a relaxed, yet disciplined, fellowship that encourages growth. AMB members have the opportunity to lead such events as the Angel Tree Project, Relay for Life and many other service projects for the benefit of the College and community.

Flight Line Program

The Flight Line Program is a process by which students can track their time spent in leadership efforts within the Student Government Council (SGC). This program allows students to have a tangible record of these efforts, which also indicates to the entire institution the work that is being done by members of the SGC. In addition, the program serves as an “extracurricular transcript” for students to utilize as they seek further education or employment. In this program, students will keep track of how many hours they spend in areas of campus service, community service and other projects during a semester. At the end of each semester, students are given awards based on how many hours were recorded. The flight metaphor represents the potential we all have to soar above our limitations and exceed our expectations. Thus, Flight Line awards are named for pioneers of flight such as the Wright Brothers, Chuck Yeager and Ronald McNair.

Membership Requirements

Students interested in one of the student government programs must:

  1. Maintain the required minimum of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  2. Complete a Student Government Council Application, which can be obtained in the Student Activities Office, (1st floor), Technology and Student Services Building, Main Campus. SGC members also serve as “Ambassadors”. This group was established to perform specific duties such as lead campus tours, assist in registration and help in any other campus events as requested. Their services can be requested through the Student Activities Center or by calling 336.734.7326.
  3. Participate in an Orientation Program for new members.
  4. Be inducted as a new member.

Student Activities and Recreational Opportunities

Forsyth Tech strives to offer its students more than just an academic education. Efforts are made to provide students with extracurricular opportunities for involvement that will help to educate the total individual. By providing extracurricular activities, Forsyth Tech recognizes that a college education includes social, professional and cultural involvement, as well as academics. Intramural teams participate in coed basketball and volleyball. Equipment and registration fees are paid out of the student activity fee budget. Golf tournaments, bowling leagues and ice skating are also offered every year to students at a greatly reduced price. Students are invited to come by the Student Activities Office, Room 124 (1st floor), Technology and Student Services Building, Main Campus to find out more about what Forsyth Tech has to offer outside the classroom.

All credit students pay the student activity fee when they register and automatically become members of Forsyth Tech’s Student Government Association. Though called an activity fee, it is used for more than just providing activities. Below is a list of expenses covered by the student activity fee.

  1. Graduation expenses are partially covered. It costs over $25 per student to hold a graduation ceremony but there is no additional graduation cost to students.
  2. Student publications such as the Student Academic Planner and the student newsletter, Technically Speaking, are available to all students. The student newsletter, Technically Speaking, is published by students who are enrolled in the journalism class. Students can become involved in writing, photography, editing, desktop publishing, ad solicitation and paper distribution. A student who is interested in becoming a newsletter staff member should register for Introduction to Journalism (JOU 110). The purpose of the student newsletter is for students to prepare and organize a publication that benefits other students. The responsibility of the institution is to provide guidance to the students and funding for the printing of the newsletter. All student communications shall explicitly state that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the College or of its students.
  3. All Student Government Association expenses are paid out of student activity fee funds. Expenses include the student activities director’s and secretary’s salaries, supplies and materials for the Student Activities Office and all SGA printing expenses.

If you have questions regarding student organizations, please contact the Student Activities Center, Room 124 (1st floor), Technology and Student Services Building, Main Campus or call 336.734.7326.

Clubs and Advisors

AITP (Association of Information Technology
Debra Taylor
Nancy Miller
Alpha Mu Beta Eddie Waddell 734.7326
Architectural Technology Club
Marty Marion
Chess Club Chris Martin
Philip Carter
Creative Writing Club Eliza Sieswerda 734.7156
Forsyth Tech Faith Fellowship
Chris Martin
Johnny Golden
JJ Jacobson
Future Advocates for Children's Tomorrow
Sharon Davis 734.7964
Geology Club Tim Binkley N/A
Hispanic Student Association Pauline Morris 631.1326
House of Legends
Kenya Cheeks
Anita Rawley
Interior Design Club Giselle Taylor-Wells
International Club Eliza Sieswerda 734.7156
Journalism Club Elaine Hage
Michelle Williams
Motor Sports Club
Mark Walker
Paralegal Association Warren Hodges 734.7276
Peers Accepting Challenges Together Sarah Hawks 734.7155
Phi Theta Kappa Maryanna Richardson
Jane Cline
Philosophical Society Jim Fortuna
Sylvia Haith
Greg Chase
P.R.I.D.E. Club Debra Taylor 757.3292
Sigma Theta Kappa (Criminal Justice) Stormy Shumate
Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Kim Adams 757.3217
Student Practical Nursing Association Polly Davis 734.7419
Student Sonographers Association Wendy Barnhardt 734.7157
Student Voices
Chris Martin
Transitions Mary Wall 734.7158
Women in Information Technologies Linda Cohen 734.7501