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Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology

Curriculum Description

Mobile Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Career Cluster:    Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Pathway:               Mobile Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Program Major    Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology

Pathway Description

Curriculums in the Mobile Equipment Maintenance and Repair pathway prepare individuals for employment as entry-level transportation service technicians. The program provides an introduction to transportation industry careers and increases student awareness of the diverse technologies associated with this dynamic and challenging field.

Course work may include transportation systems theory, braking systems, climate control, design parameters, drive trains, electrical/electronic systems, engine repair, engine performance, environmental regulations, materials, product finish, safety, steering/suspension, transmission/transaxles, and sustainable transportation, depending on the program major area chosen.

Graduates of this pathway should be prepared to take professional licensure exams, which correspond to certain programs of study, and to enter careers as entry-level technicians in the transportation industry.

Program Major Description

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain diesel engines in vehicles such as Heavy Duty Trucks over one ton classification, buses, ships, railroad locomotives, and equipment; as well as stationary diesel engines in electrical generators and related equipment. (CTE-Y D60460P1)

The following represents one way in which the diploma can be completed. Students who aren’t able to follow the recommended curriculum model below should consult their academic advisor to be sure that they take courses in the best order for their success.


NC CIP: 47.0613
POS Approved: Fall 2019

Fall Semester

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
HET 110 Diesel Engines 3 9 0 6
HET 125 Preventive Maintenance 1 3 0 2
HET 230 Air Brakes 1 2 0 2
TRN 120 Basic Transp Electricity 4 3 0 5
  Total: 9 17 0 15

Spring Semester

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
ELN 112 Diesel Electronics System 2 6 0 4
HET 119 Mechanical Transmissions 2 2 0 3
TRN 140 Transp Climate Control 1 2 0 2
Select one:
Applied Communications I 3 0 0 3
Writing and Inquiry REVISED REQUISITE (3) (0) (0) (3)
Select one:
Mathematical Measurement and Literacy REVISED REQUISITE 2 2 0 3
Quantitative Literacy REVISED REQUISITE (2) (2) (0) (3)
Applied Physics II (3) (2) (0) (4)
  Total: 10 12 0 15

Summer Term

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
HET 114 Power Trains 3 6 0 5
HET 233 Suspension and Steering 2 4 0 4
HYD 112 Hydraulics/Med/Heavy Duty 1 2 0 2
  Total: 6 12 0 11

Total Credit Hours: 41


  • : Comprehensive Articulation Agreement - This course is recommended for students transferring to a four-year university.
  • : Local Requirement
  • : Instructional Service Agreement
  • : Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC)
  • : Global Distinction
  • : Requisite(s)

Additional Information

2014FA New name and code. Program formerly known as Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology D60240.