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Curriculum Description

Science and Math: Biotechnology

Career Cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Pathway:  Science and Mathematics

Program Major Biotechnology

Pathway Description

The Biotechnology curriculum, which has emerged from molecular biology and chemical engineering, is designed to meet the increasing demands for skilled laboratory technicians in various fields of biological and chemical technology.

Course work emphasizes biology, chemistry, mathematics, and technical communications. The curriculum objectives are designed to prepare graduates to serve in three distinct capacities: research assistant to a biologist or chemist, laboratory technician/instrumentation technician, and quality control/quality assurance technician.

Graduates should be qualified for employment in various areas of industry and government, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and customer service.

Program Major Description

A program that focuses on the application of the biological sciences, biochemistry, and genetics to the preparation of new and enhanced agricultural, environmental, clinical, and industrial products, including the commercial exploitation of microbes, plants, and animals. Potential course work includes instruction in general biology, general and organic chemistry, physics, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, genetics, and cellular biology.

The following represents one way in which the diploma can be completed. Students who aren’t able to follow the recommended curriculum model below should consult their academic advisor to be sure that they take courses in the best order for their success. (CTE-Y D20100P1)


NC CIP: 26.1201
Day, Evening
POS Approved: Fall 2022

Fall Semester

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
BIO 111 General Biology I 3 3 0 4
BIO 112 General Biology II 3 3 0 4
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3 0 0 3
Select one:
Mathematical Measurement and Literacy 2 2 0 3
Quantitative Literacy (2) (2) (0) (3)
Precalculus Algebra (3) (2) (0) (4)
  Total: 11 8 0 14

Spring Semester

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
BTC 181 Basic Lab Techniques 3 3 0 4
Select one:
Introduction to Chemistry (3) (0) (0) (3)
Introduction to Chemistry Lab (0) (3) (0) (1)
General Chemistry I 3 3 0 4
Select one:
Organic and Biochemistry (3) (3) (0) (4)
General Chemistry II 3 3 0 4
___ ___ Technical Specialty Elective * * * 3
  Total: 9 9 0 15

Fall Semester

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
BIO 250 Genetics 3 3 0 4
BIO 275 Microbiology 3 3 0 4
  Total: 6 6 0 8

Total Credit Hours: 37

Additional Information

2013FA New Diploma

Technical Specialty Electives — Select a minimum of 3 credit hours: BTC 270, BTC 281, BTC 285

These electives can be taken in the Spring semester or Second Fall semester, depending on course availability and student’s choice. Contact advisor for more information.