Medical Office Administration - Outpatient Billing REVISED

Curriculum Description

The Medical Office Administration curriculum prepares individuals for employment as medical administrative personnel in the areas of medical office, medical billing and coding, dental office, patient services, and medical documents.

Course work includes medical terminology, computer applications, medical office management, medical coding, medical insurance and billing, medical legal and ethical issues, oral and written communication, and other topics depending on the subject area selected within this curriculum.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in a variety of medical office positions in medical and dental offices, hospitals, insurance companies, laboratories, medical supply companies, and other healthcare related organizations. Upon graduation, students may be eligible to sit for industry recognized certification exams.

The following represents one way in which the certificate can be completed. Students who aren’t able to follow the recommended curriculum model below should consult their academic advisor to be sure that they take courses in the best order for their success. (CTE-Y C25310P3)


NC CIP: 51.0705
Day and Evening
POS Approved: Fall 2024

Fall Semester

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
OST 137 Office Applications I 2 2 0 3
OST 141 Med Office Terms I 3 0 0 3
  Total: 5 2 0 6

Spring Semester

Course Course Title Class Hours Lab/Shop Hours Clinical/WBL Hours Credit Hours
OST 142 Med Office Terms II 3 0 0 3
OST 148 Med Ins & Billing 3 0 0 3
OST 149 Medical Legal Issues 3 0 0 3
OST 280 Electronic Health Records 2 2 0 3
  Total: 11 2 0 12

Total Credit Hours: 18

Additional Information

Several Medical Office Administration courses are sequential or are offered only once a year. Students should consult their academic advisor to create a course plan if they enter the program in the spring or summer or are not able to follow the plan above.