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Leadership/Early Child Ed

Course Course Title Class Lab/ Shop Clinical/ Co-op Credit
EDU 287 Leadership/Early Child Ed 3 0 0 3
Prerequisites: Take One Set: Set 1: EDU 119, EDU 131, EDU 144, EDU 145 or Set 2: EDU 119, EDU 131, PSY 244, PSY 245
Corequisites: DRE 098
Effective Term: Fall 2013

This course is designed to facilitate and guide the development of early childhood professionals preparing for leadership roles in improving community early childhood services. Topics include principles of social change, characteristics of effective leaders, techniques of action research, childcare funding mechanisms, quality initiatives, and key issues in early care. Upon completion, students should be able to identify key issues; develop strategic plans; establish relationships with community leaders; and identify opportunities and barriers for advocacy.

2014FA - New Course Version (S23744)