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Developmental Education

Curriculum Description

Developmental Education provides students with an opportunity to build academic skills and acquire the background which should facilitate success in their desired program of study.

For applicants to a program of study who, on the basis of test results and past performance, do not qualify for immediate admission to their chosen program of study, noncredit developmental course work is available and may be required as a prerequisite for registration in specific credit courses. Students taking the required development work may also take specified courses within their desired program of study.

Students may transfer all applicable credit courses into their program of study when the criteria has been met and developmental and selected program courses have been completed. All credit courses within the student’s chosen program of study will then be applied toward graduation.

Some developmental courses are also open to students who wish to take them for personal benefit.

This program offers a series of courses for preparation, remediation and guidance for students who, for a variety of reasons, do not meet the specific entrance requirements for the program of their choice. Students who do meet the minimum entrance requirements but whose previous academic records indicate that they may have difficulty in successfully completing their programs are also advised to complete the necessary course work in the Developmental Education program.

The student’s academic program will be individually designed to meet their specific preparatory and remedial needs. The courses will be selected from the developmental offerings and from technical and/or vocational credit courses. Developmental education courses do not earn credit towards graduation from degree, diploma and certificate programs.

Developmental Courses:






ACA 085

Improving Study Skills

0 2 0 1


ACA 090

Study Skills

3 0 0 3


BIO 094

Concepts of Human Biology

3 2 0 4


CHM 090

Chemistry Concepts

4 0 0 4


DMA 010
Operations With Integers
0.75 .50 0 1


DMA 020

Fractions and Decimals

0.75 .50 0 1


DMA 030


0.75 .50 0 1


DMA 040

Express/Lin Equat/Inequal

0.75 .50 0 1


DMA 050

Graphs/Equations and Lines

0.75 .50 0 1


DMA 060
Polynominal/Quadratic Appl 0.75 .50 0 1          
DMA 070
Rational Express/Equation 0.75 .50 0 1          
DMA 080
Radical Express/Equation 0.75 .50 0 1          
DRE 096 Integrated Reading and Writing 2.50 1.00 0 3          
DRE 097 Integrated Reading and Writing II
2.50 1.00 0 3          
DRE 098 Integrated Reading and Writing III
2.50 1.00 0 3          

Specialty Developmental Courses*






CIS 070

Fundamentals of Computing           

0 2 0 1


OST 080

Keyboarding Literacy

1 2 0 2


*Specialty Developmental Courses are administered by the Business & Information Technologies division.  

For additional information, please contact the dean’s office.