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Comfort Cooling

Course Course Title Class Lab/ Shop Clinical/ Co-op Credit
AHR 113 Comfort Cooling 2 4 0 4
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Effective Term: Fall 2013

This course covers the installation procedures, system operations, and maintenance of residential and light commercial comfort cooling systems. Topics include terminology, component operation, and testing and repair of equipment used to control and produce assured comfort levels. Upon completion, students should be able to use psychrometrics, manufacturer specifications, and test instruments to determine proper system operation.


·Student Learning Outcomes
·1. Demonstrate safe practices and procedures with tools, materials, and industry accepted test equipment covered in the course.
·2. Evaluate system operation using psychometrics, manufacturer specifications, and test instruments.
·3. Demonstrate methods of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing comfort cooling systems.
·4. Demonstrate use of test equipment and interpretation of test equipment results.
·5. Identify refrigerants used in residential and light commercial comfort cooling systems and demonstrate the proper procedures for handling these refrigerants.

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